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Professional Portfolio 5 changes / 1 days 20 touched up high resolution pictures Advanced Makeup & styling ₹30,000/- Professional Models/Actors/Matrimonial
4 changes / 1 day 10 touched up high resolution pictures Hair & Makeup ₹15,000/- Amateur Model/Corporate Portfolios/Social Media Profile
Couples Session 3 changes / 1 day 10 touched up high resolution pictures Hair & Makeup ₹25,000/- Couples/Pre-Wedding/Post-Wedding
Family Session 3 changes / 1 day 10 touched up high resolution pictures ₹10,000/- Family Portraits/ Family Get-Together
Infants and Children Photography 4 changes / 1 day 10 touched up high resolution pictures ₹15,000/- Infants/Childrens
Maternity Photography 3 changes / 1 day 10 touched up high resolution pictures ₹10,000/- Maternity or Pregnancy Photo Shoot




Please Note:





1.  An advance of INR 1000 is to be made before commencement of the shoot. Click here to pay advance registration fee.




2. A charge of Rs. 750/- per hour will be applicable if the shoot extends beyond the stipulated time, due to delays by the client.




3. We confirm and commence a shoot after receiving INR 1000  in advance.


4. Approval of shots must be done by the client on the spot, as the shoot will not be repeated.

5. We do not provide prints of the images.


Delivery Terms:

1. The final edited images are handed over on a CD/DVD after the full payment has been received by us.

2. The client will be required to collect the CD from our office. In case of a Sunday or public holiday, the delivery will be given on the next working day.

3. Additional edited images are charged at INR. 350/- per image.

4. Selection of images for editing will take place at our studio on our system. If the client wishes to take all the pictures, the charges for that are Rs. 3000/- (Unedited JPGs – over 100 pictures)


General Guidelines


Standard Portfolio

Thinking of starting a modelling career? Perhaps you are just looking to have some beautiful, professional photos of yourself.  Maybe you are looking for a different professional & corporate looks to use at work (Like the “About Us” page of your company website). With multiple outfits, lighting set-ups and poses we have many options to create photography that will show you at your best.


Professional Portfolio

A Professional Model portfolio is suitable for those extremely serious in pursuing modelling or acting as a career, and who would like to update their existing portfolios with new looks. Combining your ideas and vision plus our creativity and skill will achieve that high-end, professional look you are after. This gives you plenty of options for marketing yourself to clients. This session will require a pre-consultation to decide the ideal look and theme.


Couples Session

Make memories last with a professional couples photo shoot. You could create a fabulous album, scrap book or wall hangings of your time together, you can use the images that you like and share them with family and friends for years to come. We even undertake Pre-wedding shoots of you and your loved one!


Family Session

Our private family photo sessions are a unique and personalised experience. We understand the importance of documenting life’s precious moments and help clients create a collection of images that will be cherished for a life time. The Family portraits will be captured over a one day session, shot indoors and outdoors.


Infants and Children Photography

In Studio or on location, children portraits are all about having fun and letting your child’s personality shine during the photo session! Young children don’t have the ability or capacity to take posing direction. Instead, children are extremely literal and really over exaggerate when it comes to a posing request. Our best children and family portraits are un-coached, unscripted, precious and spontaneous moments from the heart. Instead of trying to over-pose children portrait sessions, we let them be more relaxed and shoot for emotion.


Maternity Photography

“Before you were born I carried you under my heart”- Mandy Harrison

You will love the inherent joy, beauty and significance of maternity photography. This is a good way to announce the arrival of your baby. There truly is a certain glow that only pregnant women possess — almost like an aura of wisdom and serenity. Capturing mom and dad together also creates fabulous pictures to celebrate the birth of a brand new family.


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